I caught the photo bug from my father who took photos professionally when he was younger. He used to have a dark room in our bathroom and I grew up knowing I should never touch the development chemicals. Despite this advantage it wasn’t until I turned 28 that I started pursuing photography as a career. One of the reasons were those non environmentally friendly chemicals — I decided early on that I would become a photographer only once camera technology caught up with analogue systems and all one needed for developing was good software.

However, I didn’t spend all those years waiting in vain. I used this time to stay close to my passion. I have worked for photo agencies and later for a magazine as a photo editor. This trained my eye, as I had to go through hundreds of photos a day, and gave me time to learn to use various flash systems, light modifiers and programs like Photoshop or Capture One. I have assisted other photographers too which taught me many valuable lessons. However most of what I know today came through many hours of learning and experimentation
something I continue to practice till this day.