Juliet or Julia

I never read Romeo and Juliet. The closest I did get to "reading" it was watching West Side Story, which by the way contains one of the funniest and clever musical numbers "America"  (love those shots from the floor). Anyway ... I just spent some hours working on my friend Julia's images and I can't help to think of Juliet despite having not read Shakespeare's famous play. The youth and innocence that we identify with this famous character oozes especially from the first couple of portraits which have been based, if you can recall, on the works of Vermeer and Da Vinci. I am touched by them and I can absolutely picture Julia playing the role of Juliet.

Those were the first portraits we took. As we kept on working and experimented further, surprisingly, the youth and innocence disappeared to be replaced by strength and assertiveness. And it didn't end there. Slowly Julia herself became just a vessel for those qualities appearing as more of a sculpture rather than a living human being.