The Art of Listening

One of my greatest passions is music, a major reason behind my decision to move to Berlin. Music brings me inspiration, motivation, support and joy; I cannot imagine being able to create without it. In the past I tried playing it and totally sucked, but if there is one thing that I can do, it is to genuinely be able to listen to it.

We are surrounded by electronic devices that allow us to listen to music anywhere and anytime, but do we really pay attention to it? In a world where one can download hundreds of albums and tracks and skip songs at will, have we forgotten the art of listening to a full record without distractions? The answer is "No".

For over two years now I've been proving many people wrong and running an event focusing on exactly this precious pastime and sharing music with others who find pleasure in immersing themselves in it. Together we get the chance to enter the creative world of the musicians, experience old records anew, discover new unique sounds and get a deeper understanding of the tracks that fascinate us, all the while having fun.

It's extremely rewarding and I can only encourage you to listen - there is tons still to be heard.

You can check out my event HERE.