Eis Eis Baby!

At the end of last year I announced a contest where the prize was a portrait session with me. Many of you took part but there could be only one winner and in this case it was Christian, who had luck on his side.

I have met Christian in the past but apart from knowing he creates comics and lives in Poland I didn't know him too well. So I needed to come up with a simple concept that I could adjust during the shoot. Finally, after much consideration, the idea to have cut outs of various objects came into being.

We met and during our catch up conversation it turned out Christian has recently become a part-time owner of an ice-cream shop. And what do you know - ice-cream cones where one of the few images I had, and not only one, but many. Without much ado being furthered we played with the images and here is what came of it.

I also wanted Christian to have some "regular" portraits ...