What I Love

A wise and very well known photographer once said, to a young, starting out photographer, "Photograph what you love".  As soon as I read those words I started to think about what I love and could photograph myself. From the top of my head, quite literally, came the answer - pin curls. Pin curling is a fairly old method of curling one's hair, and something I began to experiment with last year. It quickly became one of my favourite things to do and so I decided to photograph myself in the process of unraveling my curls, which I've set the day before.

I love pin curling not only because it doesn't damage the hair but also because it's another way of connecting with the days gone by, plus the results are freaking amazing and anyone who's ever seen images of Lauren Bacall would know what I mean. As a side note the set of pins I use is very special to me - my grandmother gave them to me. As a toddler I regularly saw them on her head but I didn't really understand what she used them for (that was before the perm revolution of the 80s). Now I'm glad I finally realized what these little babies can do and putting them into good use once again.